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                  UPDATE…FEBRUARY 6th.!   So, we are right smack dab in the middle of Evangelistic meetings with Bro Earl and BANG!  snow… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  We were in the midst of  5 day revival meetings when out of nowhere (literally) snow.  The reports started out Friday morning with a 1-3″ forecast (OK, side note: 1-3″ this is Maine.  No problem.  We got this covered.  This won’t slow us down a bit.)  and then it seemed about every hour after that they (who ever the they is) added about 2″ .  1-3″ then 2-4″ then 3-6″ then 4-8″ then 8-10″.  When it was all said and done about a foot of the white blessing or as Brother Earl so prophetically preached here a few years ago the ” treasures of the snow” from Job 38:22 fell upon Union, Maine.  Thus at least my decision was made easier.  Church must be cancelled.  No preaching tonight.  So, as I pondered as to why this would happen;  I mean folks, literally, this storm came out of no where. There was no forecast for this storm.  Bro Earl was on a roll,  the Church had settled into a rhythm with regards to  the meetings.  Bro Earl had just preached 2 great messages.  The first was straighten up from the text in Luke 13: 11-13.  The second message was from 1Kings 14 and the disguise that King Jeroboam made his wife to wear.  Brother Earl then built his platform and jumped off into all the different masks a Christian wears.  Man, it was on!  Then the snow…  So, back to my pondering on Friday as the flakes fell.  Wrapped around our meetings was the National Toboggan Championships which are held each year in Camden.  Every year we tract this event.  This year however, with the winter being mild the event was in danger of being cancelled.  In fact the powers that be had said they would make a determination on Saturday morning as to whether they would move forward with the event.  So, as the snow gently fell as went to the official website and behold!  because of the snow the event was back on.  Praise the Lord!  Frankly,  we live for this stuff.  We love to tract and witness.  God reminded me of how I always express to the Church that what is most important is what we do out side the four walls of the Church and not inside.  Which is polar opposite of the typical Laodicean Church today.  So with that and the snow now vanquished we Tracted the Toboggan Championships which were only at 25% capacity and we handed out at least a hundred tracts more than last year.  All the Glory to our Saviour and Great God!  The meetings resumed and Bro Earl finished strong with alters well attended, decisions made and Christians changed, leaving different then when they came in.  YEAH!!!  



                 UPDATE…AUGUST 30th.!    WOW!  What a meeting we just had with Brother Donovan who is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL!  The messages were spot on and the Spirit was present and liberty ruled the day.  Lessons on Biblical Repentance and a great message on where America really is in Bible prophesy and that the true Patriots were the street preachers.  Good stuff!  The specials were great and the congregational singing was never better.  The pews were about filled to capacity,  visitors and old friends both…  Can’t ask for anything more.  Only Glory may reveal the fruit from these meetings.  Now it’s time to turn out attention to the coming fall (best time to be in Maine) which is one of the reasons we live here in Maine.  The changing of the leaves and the leaving of the tourists…  We have Brother Bard coming in October and we are looking forward to our last meetings before AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Winter.  Yes folks, only Mainers start thinking about the snow flying in late August.  Around here, after the Union fair (the unofficial end of Summer) and the Windsor fair (the unofficial beginning of Fall) begins the cold snap in the air.  Oh well, I digress… Street Preaching continues as we seem to be bothering people.  And I say Amen! we should be bothering people.  People who are lost need to be bothered about where they will spend eternity and saved people need to be bothered about their service for the Saviour.  We will be on the lookout for more tracting opportunities as we will tract the Windsor fair this week and cover the Veterans day parade in November.  Stay tuned and check our calendar.

                 UPDATE…AUGUST 1st!   Well,  Summer “officially” hit with the annual Lobster Festival in down town Rockland.  We had a great victory for the Lord on the street as about 17 of us met and distributed thousands of tracts to all the parade goers.  They were well received.  My friend and Brother in Christ wrote the tract then came up from Wisconsin along  with his wife to personally hand them out!  How about that!  The youth group later on that night went down to the festival grounds where they handed out tracts and had some fun.  Amen.  Now, in Maine if the Lobster Festival is the “un official” start to Summer then the Union fair at the end of August is the  “un official”  end to Summer .  Thus the beginning of Fall.  Boy, the seasons sure don’t last long around these parts…  Fortunately for us we still have much to look forward to as we have our first Vacation Bible School or “VBS” coming up and we have a booth at the Union Fair this year where we will be witnessing, and face painting, etc.   And if that is not enough then we have Brother Brian Donovan coming in August 28 thru the 30th!  Brother Donovan is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida.  Stay tuned and please check our calendar.

                 UPDATE… July 12th!  Another great set of meetings with Evangelist Earl Ankrom.  Folks at the alter, decisions made, and people changed!  Also, we had our very first youth group to camp in upstate New York.  That was a miracle of God in itself that camp wasn’t cancelled because as we were preparing, the news filled the airwaves with those 2 escaped prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y.  The one that was killed was ground zero for where camp was and the other guy was still lose and well you know the way it ended…  I did not say anything to the church as this thing played out and was grateful that non of the  parents connected the dots…  Anyway, they are off and we are excited as obviously the youth are the churches and this worlds only future hope.  God help us.  Earl preached a great send off message to both the youth and their parents which was a bulls eye.   Earl reminded us all that Christianizing camp or a school, or whatever does not insulate the youth from wicked people.  Folks, they are in the church.  Its our biggest enemy that we face outside of the obvious with regards to that “old serpent”.  Over the weekend was the “Blues Festival” in Rockland.  We set up our sound system and aimed it right at a bar and the entrance to the fair grounds.  We spent 2.5 hours out there preaching, tracting, and even some one on one.  After that we did what all good Baptists do.  We went out to eat!  At the restaurant I received a text from someone saying that the bar was all a buzz because “someone brought church into the bar this morning”  this man knew exactly who it was and he contacted me to say most were not pleased and others commented in a positive way.  Praise the Lord!!!  Saturday night was the “pub crawl” where Rockland closes Main St. and a party breaks lose as bands play and people go from bar to bar.  Four of us with sandwich signs and scripture vests and shirts along with signs, etc.  Tracted for an hour and then stood outside the barricades where we preached for a while.  Suffice to say the partiers were not please we invaded their “church services”.  I met inside a Christian who I knew was a Christian and I asked him what he was doing there?  It is shocking (not really)  how many “Christians”  we met throughout the day participating in this satanic event.  So much for “come out from among them and be separate saith the Lord”  I don’t know folks.  When you start losing the Christians over to this stuff its about over isn’t it?.  Anyway,  what a day for our Saviour.  He gets the victory and the glory! 
                 UPDATE…  July 4th!   What a great day for the Lord in Bath, Maine as we tracted the “Heritage days” parade.  Thousands were there and about 14 from our church were there to meet them face to faith with a gospel tract.  What a blessing as we gave out more than 1,500 or so.  It was immediately evident that this parade had not been evangelized in many,  many years, if ever.  Many took tracts and it seemed we had few “dings”. (that’s what we call rejections)  It is tragic that no other churches in the area are concerned about souls.  We travelled at least 45 minutes to get to this event and only tracted it because of the large numbers of people that would be there.  We obviously were not hoping to see people come to our church as a result of our efforts.  We are just looking to find the masses of people and reach them.  It would be wrong for us to tract an event for the purpose of growing our church.  Wrong motive.  It’s God’s job anyway to build His house not ours.  What was sad was that there were 2 churches that I saw participate in the parade but neither was interested in souls or the gospel.  Tragic!  One, a Baptist church did not have one scripture verse on their float.  Not even John 3:16!!!  It was and advertisement to come to their church where an offering will be taken.  The other was a Nazarene church and that one if possible was even more embarrassing.  So much for representing Jesus Christ as an ambassador…   Brother Earl is on deck next for us.  Please check our calendar !  We will be tracting the Blues Festival that same weekend.  Then we have Missionary Chris Resmondo in on the 26th. 
                UPDATE…  June 26th!    Mark it down!  A day that will live in infamy!  Americas date with destiny !  Scotus or the Supreme court has decided 5-4 to legalize sodomite marriage in the land requiring all states to now offer marriage licenses with no option for refusal.  Folks,  we are done.  You better fasten your seatbelts because this is going to get ugly.  First,  we now wait the judgment of God on our land which will be inevitable because we have now destroyed the “type” in the Bible of Christ the BrideGroom and his marriage to the Church called the Bride who, until the marriage supper is portrayed as a “Lady in waiting” known in the Scriptures as the “chaste virgins”.   Second,  for those who stand for the Bible and the Lord first with no compromise will be in the cross hairs of not only the Liberal left but also and obviously the militant sodomites who don’t just want your acceptance, they want to destroy you and Christianity.  Make no mistake about it,  they hate your God,  your Bible,  and by virtue they hate you!   Fasten your seat belts folks,  it’s going to get ugly before the Lord gets us out of here.  A friend called to tell me the news and I had tears in my eyes as he spoke to me.  It brought back a message I preached last month in Church and on the radio when I said that June 26th would be the defining moment for America and whether we would be soon heading head long off the precipice.  It’s now happened.  Never before would I have enjoyed being wrong about this.  But it is now reality.  By the way June is the sixth month and 26 is 2×13  all those numbers are bad.  Real bad.  Six the number of man and the beast and of course 13 the number of rebellion and that’s where we are folks.  We are done.  So,  preacher,  what do we do?  What do we do?  You stand for truth,  you stand for the Lord,  you stand for what is right,  you stand a beacon in this dark world.  You stand!!!  Ezekiel 9:4  “And the Lord said unto him, go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.”  Folks, this is the type of people God is both interested in and looking for right now in the midst of all the wickedness.  Do you line up?   Ephesians 6:13  “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to STAND”. (emphasis mine)
                Well,  moving onto other news…  We are back from our missions trip to England and, specifically, Stonehenge.  First,  let me say thank you to all who prayed for us over there.  We pulled an “all nighter”  as we witnessed to some 23,000 people who came for the summer solstice celebration.  Some where there as tourists, some were curiosity seekers,  some where there to party and commit lasciviousness,  and then there was the serious ones.  These were the ones who were there to have “church”  if you will.  This (the solstice)  is one of their holiest days and they were out in numbers.  Both Druids and witches of every stripe.  Satanists and others there to worship Baal or Lucifer or some other dark deity.  The Spiritual oppression was great.  Especially after the sun came up at 4:52 am.  All night we heard the beating drums of Tophet.    We witnessed a virgin sacrifice.  Of course it was symbolic but none the less just as wicked.  We saw children symbolically being sacrificed there  just as it really happened thousands of years ago.  We had men speaking to us in satanic tongues,  we had men with tattooed faces and forked tongues staring us down.  We witnessed things that cannot be repeated.  We had a man come up to the Missionary and ask him where he went to church because he wanted to infiltrate and “ruin his services just as we had ruined his”.  they were furious with us and all we could say to that was: ” mission accomplished, praise the Lord!!!”  We thank God for his deliverance and for our success (all the glory goes to Jesus Christ) as we gave out more than 6,000 tracts specially designed for this event.  A web site ( was created just for it where all could go to see the Gospel.  We will be back in 2 years Lord willing.    
                    UPDATE…  June 13th!  What a day we had on Saturday in Portland as they celebrated their “Old Port Days”.  Five of us met up and street preached and gave out well over a thousand tracts!  Praise God!  The  “Natives”  were restless you might say as I jumped up on a giant rock ( Jesus is my Rock) and lifted up my voice like a trumpet for Jesus.  Or as my wife may say: ” he’s got a big mouth he may as well use it”…   What a time as Dave from our Church ran interference for me so I could be freed up to preach.  Dave has got my back.  He is  a body builder that is fearless for Jesus Christ.  An imposing figure on sentry duty cutting off every unclean and hateful bird. (Rev 18:2)  What a day as we marched right through the defenses and took back some ground for our Captain.  Howbeit only temporary, but that’s ok.  They and the Devil can have this wicked world.  I have got my eye on the prize.   I desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: (Heb 11:16)  New Jerusalem!   We thank God for some victories here on earth realizing the battle is already won in heaven. 
                               Well,  June started out with fall weather as we saw temps in the mid forties for days!  Wow. That’s Maine weather…  We are going to have some fun in June as we look forward to Missionary Chris Resmondo to Malawi, Africa come and visit on Sunday July 26th.  Then we have Evangelist and old friend Earl Ankrom from July 10th to June 12th!  We have timed Brother Earls visit with the Blues Festival in Rockland where every year we spend Saturday tracting and preaching this “event”.  Also, on Saturday night the town of Rockland closes Main St. and has a “pub crawl” where the drunks, fornicators, and whores stumble from one house of disrepute to another.  And there we will be with banners unfurled sandwich signs on and a KJB (“Twoedged sword in our hand” Ps 149:6) Lifting up our voices like a trumpet for Jesus Christ!  Come on out and join us.  It will be a blast.  We’re gonna have us a time… 
                     UPDATE…  May 25th!  Memorial day was one of our finest for the Lord as we split up in two groups one to Waterville and the other to Portland where we tracted the Memorial day parade simultaneously at both locations.  What a blessing!  The Waterville group gave every tract they had out.  We like that.  Better to leave empty handed than to leave with tracts in hand…  Brother Cooper & his family were with us Sunday the 31st.  He preached a great message on the 4 anchors out of Acts 27. He may be one of the best street preachers out there.  Also, he is good help to Churches.  He can build anything.  Come and see the fire we are building here in Union.  You can help it grow!  It seems we always have something going on around here…  Well,  May is progressing nicely and with it some spring weather finally and praise the Lord for it!  We are ready for warmer weather as we put last winter squarely in the rear view mirror.   Please see calendar, Our next tracting day will be in Portland on June 13th for their “Old Port Days”  thousands will be out enjoying the old port and we will be ready.    Amazing isn’t it how the world cares not for spiritual things on Sunday’s anymore?  Whether its sports or other functions I guess it’s true folks,  we are in a post Christian era.  We are looking forward to revival meetings with Brother Donovan, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL coming up in late August.  We are always hopefully to have others in throughout the summer so we are “gearing up”  for another busy and short summer season in the great state of Maine.  Again,  please check our calendar for meetings coming up as well as missionaries coming in.  Kings Kids Club has ended for the year and we saw some precious children come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and as a result we gained a family from that ministry.  All the praise and glory goes to the Lord for it is He that builds the house. 
p.s.  Are you listening on the radio!!!
                          We have a new ministry that began in December.  A second radio program.  This one is on 105.9fm WBCI Life Changing Radio.  The name of the program is the same as our other show on 93.3fm WRFR called “Good News From A Far Country”.  Taken of course from Proverbs 25:25.  This is a special opportunity as I can reach tens of thousands more people not only in the state of Maine but also through the wonder of the internet all over the world since both are streamed live.  The shows, even though they have the same title are in fact different in that the show on 93.3 out of Rockland is a local station and I am dealing more with the lost.  Whereas, 105.9 is an established Christian radio station where I am dealing with mostly “Christians” of one flavor or another.  This has given me a burden to preach more on doctrine and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which is the most important and sadly the most neglected.  I have made it clear on my radio show that my motive is not to grow our Church but to edify, equip,  and, yes,  even provoke the Christian unto good works and to be fruit bearing.  We also started a nursing home ministry which has really taken off. What a blessing to minister to their spiritual needs before they step out into eternity and pluck a few out of the fire on the way.    We are know able to reach people from 6 to 96 with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We say thank you Lord for making all of this possible.  Please continue to keep our prison ministries in prayer.  God has been blessing both ministries at Maine State Prison and our “Prison Church” Bolduc Bible Believers Church at the Bolduc Correctional Facility.  Both, praise God are doing real well.  We have seen more men coming out.  Praise the Lord!   While we are on the subject of prison ministries;  God has also opened a door for a prison ministry in Kenya.  We have been invited to preach where ever and  whenever we can there.  God has literally given us the keys to those prison doors.  Will you please pray for us as we grow this ministry that fell into our lap !  Praise the Lord !  Also will you pray about supporting this ministry as well ?  We saw many saved our last time through as God is working on the Kenyan inmates.
                       It is an exciting time to be alive if you are a born again Christian.  New England and specifically for us the Mid Coast area of Maine offers endless possibilities to get out tracts and to preach. Come on up.  The water is warm (not really) and there is always room for more!  This year will be,  I believe,  a turning point of sorts as we see the globe moving closer to the  “new world order”.  My sincere prayer for you is that you do something for Him  (while there is still time)  who is worthy and to have a close and personal relationship with your Saviour and the book He authored,  that blessed KJV 1611 !  You will need it if you are to be found “STANDING” when the dust settles.  Can you imagine a day when you might not have access to that blessed old black Book ?   It’s already in motion folks.  Should the Lord tarry too much longer we may see that day.  This is why we must read it,  meditate upon it,  memorize it,  cling to it,  and cherish our time w/it,  and just appreciate it.
Again please check our calendar to see who’s coming by.  We hope to see you here !  Stay tuned…
2015.  What will you do for Jesus this year?  What are your goals and will you accomplish them for His Glory?  A whole year ahead of us.  How is your Bible reading going?  How is your relationship with your Saviour going?    I don’t know about you but I am ready to go…  are you ?  I hope so.
Lord Bless you and might you be a blessing to God.
Pastor Mike Kee
1 Tim 2:5