It was a blessing to see Brother and Sister Engesath return to Maine and FHGBBC!  The Master Potter comes in and set up shop with his pottery wheel and preaches sanctification of the Saints in light of the Judgement seat of Christ and all the while making beautiful pottery that he uses for amazing illustrations.  The hum of the wheel,  the spinning of the clay,  the work of the hands,  combines for a most unique meeting.  The folks responded well and the meetings were well attended.  It has been a very busy year for For His Glory.  In fact we have a quick turn around in early October with Evangelist Ray Meier who, while preaching is drawing men to Christ..  He is a chalk draw artist but on canvas.  This will be exciting as we have not had Brother Meier in before and we haven’t had a chalk draw artist in before as well.  Street preaching and door knocking continues.  We will street preach right through winter.  In November we will honour all our Veterans by tracting a parade as we usually do.  Look em in the eye and thank them for their service with hand shake, while giving them a gospel tract.  We are losing approx.  800-1000 of the “greatest generation” a day!  In the near future we will hold celebrations and parades that honour our war dead and living with out any representatives from WW11.   Fall is here in Maine.  This is (to me) by far the best and most beautiful time to be here.  The crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  The days seem clearer.  Sweatshirt in the morning tee shirt by afternoon.  Tourist have gone home,  kids are back in school.   Leaves are changing.  And yet I am reminded of Jeremiah 8:20  “The harvest is past,  the summer is ended,  and we are not saved.”  That is the state of most people today.  We have lots to do folks.  Lets get to work!  Keep checking our calendar as we may have an Evangelist in November.  We have Missionary Joel Dare to Brazil in November as well.  In early November a group of men from our church will be heading to Cuba for a Pastors conference.  This will be a blast!  Keep looking up!!!