My friend Reggie Williams is a Pastor out in Portage, Wisconsin and when I found out he was having Evangelist Earl Ankrom in it was a great opportunity to see both my dear friends at the same time.  I flew out and on Saturday Reggie had a Church picnic on the Wisconsin Dells at a nice park where the WW11 era duck boats run tourists up and down the river.  Earl and I got this bright idea to preach to them as they went by.  We found a bridge they had to pass through and we were able to hide and blast them when they came out the other side.  We had hidden so well that they could not see us just hear us.  That was a blast watching them try to locate us.  Eventually we “discovered ourselves to the Philistines” and stood on the bank and preached Jesus!  All the while Earl is saying this is great because we are making memories.  What a time we had.  Those tourists were sitting ducks.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.  They couldn’t do anything but listen and take it.  Later on Reggie got some scripture signs and a bunch from the Church joined us and we literally preached to hundreds of people.  What a time.  We made some memories!