Independence day.  For His Glory Bible Baptist Church spent it in Thomaston where we got out at least 2 thousand tracts.  This is the only event Thomaston does and they do it up and do it right.  We consider ourselves a part of this day as we give people more to think about then hot dogs,  apple pie,  and Chevrolet…  How about eternity!  I am always humbled by those in our Church that are willing to give up a holiday or rare 3 day weekend to participate in something like this.  Our Church has got the best of the best in it and we are fortunate.  Thank you Lord for a great time and for safety out on the battle field.  Nothing better than looking a veteran in the eye, thanking him for his service, and then handing him a tract.  We again, use very specific tract as to get out as many as we can.  We have some great military and patriotic tracts to cause people to reach out and accept our offer.  Along with our AV 1611,  our weapons are the carefully selected tracts that will make the greatest impact in the battle.  This is no different than any General who must bring in the right implements of war to fight the battle and give the men their greatest chance of victory.   No different!  What a day.