One of our favorite tracting events is the blues festival which occurs every July right here in Rockland.  We set up a mega phone speaker and unfurl the banners to have us a time!  And what a time we had.  Even though the numbers were down there were plenty of souls to preach to.  We played gospel music to get their attention then preached to them.  We face a bar as we do it and have received testimony that they can hear us right through the doors!  We had some opposition to our effort  (I’m sure your shocked…)  as one man thought we were going to stay through the concert and blast them out.  Although the thought crossed our minds we are long gone once the devils music starts.  This guy played his radio full blast for about 2 hours off his car battery as we prayed God would kill his battery.  I don’t know how that worked out but I wouldn’t be surprised if after his “pleasure in sin for a season” he went back out to his car to find it dead as a door nail.  There we were, behind enemy lines.  The world in front of us and the world behind us.  This is what Jimmy Hood called Christian hand to hand combat.  As is often the case, the Blues fest continues Saturday night with a pub crawl where the police shut down Main St. and the revelers get to crawl from pub to pub…  This can be interesting as we go back to tract, preach, and witness.  We got out every tract we brought and can report no incidents!  All glory to God.  We had us a time.