Lobster festival time!  This is our biggest tracting event of the year.  Thousands come out for this parade that never ends… (2 hours) We had a great Church turnout and got out thousands of tracts with few “dings” as we call it when a tract is rejected.  The hardest decision to make was what tract to use.  My friend Reggie Williams wrote a great tract that we used the last 2 years written specifically for this event.  However,  I thought to give that one a break before people got to used to it.  In the mean time Chick tracts was offering a great deal on their tracts and we had ordered 21,000 of them complete w/our info printed on the back.  So out we went with “This was your life” and “One Way”.  Both titles worked real well.  Praise God for his leading.  Of course nobody is more interested in souls then our Lord.  It was great to engage in combat with our Church family.  Those are the things that I think strengthen a family and it was a blessing for all of us to get in on something that will never die. Something that will live forever.  Our service to the Saviour.