Well, guess who’s back.  Yup,  It’s Brother and Sister Spurgeon and what a time we had and are having!  I am writing this on Wednesday before our last night.  The folks have been faithful to every meeting and we have seen the most visitors ever.  And even the visitors are coming back for more!!!  The singing has been electric, the response from Brother Spurgeons preaching right on as the alter has seen a lot of action.  Can’t wait to see the conclusion of the matter.  It may be possible that we could see our second person run the bases here.  (First was Brother Eubanks.  No more need to be said…)  Now this is huge here.  Remember we are in the great dead state of Maine where they kicked God out a hundred years ago and he hasn’t forgotten about it !!!  I mean it took almost 6 years to get an Amen or a raised hand…  It’s on and we are in it.  Praise the Lord.  It’s all for his glory.  Amen.