Well,  we had us a time with Bro Donovan !  Old time Preaching,  Old time hymn singing,  Old time religion!  I like old…  You can have the new.  In fact about anything new coming down the pike you can have it!  The meetings were packed out every night and the preaching was spot on.  Just what we needed.  We are close folks.  You ready?  Brother Donovan preached about taking a stand in these last days on Friday night.  A stand against all things contrary to God and the scriptures.  A stand against the sexual perversion in this land.  A stand against political correctness ( run amuck).  A stand against Islam.  A stand against all cults and schisms.  A stand against sin.  Fight or flight!  what’s it going to be Christian???  Then he preached on the Christian as sheep Saturday night.  Dumb sheep.  Prone to wander Lord I feel it.  Prone to leave the God I love.   Sunday for Church he preached a great salvation message with a few visitors there and a couple of them not saved.  As I closed the service giving one last invitation I saw a lady who was obviously under conviction and most likely trembling.  If not physically then spiritually.  It was obvious.  She rejected.  Sunday school and Sunday night was a great teaching on the Tribulation from Daniel chapter 9 and Daniel’s 70th week.  All I can say is wish you were here.  Great stuff!  Thanks to Brother Donovan for his sacrifice and hard work in coming up here to dead Maine and giving us a shot!  Up next for us (no time for the weary)  is the Summer Solstice Festival where we will be out tracting to the lost in Rockland.  Summer is here and we are off to a great start having tracted the Memorial day parade in Damariscotta passing out about a thousand tracts.  All glory to our Saviour!  Stay tuned and check out our calendar for upcoming meetings.  Next up:  Brother David Spurgeon and his wife in August.  Hope to see you.