Ahhhhhh, Spring in New Jersey?  I know,  I know,  we’re in Maine not Joisey…  You have to understand,  Spring in Maine is winter in New Jersey and spring in Jersey is summah in Maine.  Hey,  a man can dream can’t he?  Some of you are telling me to stop whining and I will answer by giving you the standard Mainer reply:  ” these are the minor sacrifices we make to live here”.   And I say Amen!   Although it is tough.  New Jersey has been mowing for over a month and the trees have leaves.  We haven’t mowed yet and are just now getting buds on our branches.   Hey wait, did I say we haven’t mowed yet? Amen!  Another benefit to living in the great state of Maine.

Ok,  enough fun.  Now down to our Fathers business.  Things are going great at Church.  The folks are of one mind and there is a unity of the Spirit and right now… a bond of peace.  I say that because we do not take for granted peace and unity in todays local church.  We are excited to have Pastor Brian Donovan back up June 3rd. to 5th next month. (Please check our calendar) Brother Donovan is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida.  That title is relatively new as Bible Baptist lost its Founder and long time Pastor Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.  What a loss to the Christian world.  Especially the Bible Believing Christian world.  Heavens gain is certainly our severe loss.  Dr Ruckman is the Clarence Larkin of our time.  Sadly for Dr. Ruckman he will not experience a 100 years of history for this world to truly appreciate the body of work (like Larkin) and overwhelming contributions to the preservation of the words of God because I don’t think we have 10 or 15 years left before we hear that last trump! .  The holy scriptures for today which are found not in the fictitious originals (shew me) or the Hebrew and Greek but in as I believe Dr. Ruckman coined “the Monarch of the Books” the King James Bible!  I thank the Lord for the influence that man had on me personally and on our ministry here in Union, Maine and he never new me from Adam.

Coming up in June we will be tracting the summer solstice in downtown Rockland.  A year ago I was in England with 4 of our guys tracting the Solstice at Stonehenge (what a thing that was…) and preaching all over jolly ole England.  Mark Norman and his wife Tammy are doing a great work in a dark place.  It will be a busy summer and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  We will be out preaching on the street, door knocking or tracting at as many parades as we can.  We just ordered 20,000 Chick tracts and along with our other tracts (we like Brother Earl Ankroms) we are locked and loaded for this year!  We also have a bunch of meetings lined up with Brother Spurgeon coming in August and Brother Engesath (the potter) and his Wife coming in late summer as well as Brother Ray Meier (chalk talk artist) and some missionaries and other surprises as well.  Again, check our calendar as we try to keep everything up to date.  Busy, busy, busy.  Amen!