So, we are right smack dab in the middle of Evangelistic meetings with Bro Earl and BANG!  snow… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  We were in the midst of  5 day revival meetings when out of nowhere (literally) snow.  The reports started out Friday morning with a 1-3″ forecast (OK, side note: 1-3″ this is Maine.  No problem.  We got this covered.  This won’t slow us down a bit.)  and then it seemed about every hour after that they (who ever the they is) added about 2″ .  1-3″ then 2-4″ then 3-6″ then 4-8″ then 8-10″.  When it was all said and done about a foot of the white blessing or as Brother Earl so prophetically preached here a few years ago the ” treasures of the snow” from Job 38:22 fell upon Union, Maine.  Thus at least my decision was made easier.  Church must be cancelled.  No preaching tonight.  So, as I pondered as to why this would happen;  I mean folks, literally, this storm came out of no where. There was no forecast for this storm.  Bro Earl was on a roll,  the Church had settled into a rhythm with regards to  the meetings.  Bro Earl had just preached 2 great messages.  The first was straighten up from the text in Luke 13: 11-13.  The second message was from 1Kings 14 and the disguise that King Jeroboam made his wife to wear.  Brother Earl then built his platform and jumped off into all the different masks a Christian wears.  Man, it was on!  Then the snow…  So, back to my pondering on Friday as the flakes fell.  Wrapped around our meetings was the National Toboggan Championships which are held each year in Camden.  Every year we tract this event.  This year however, with the winter being mild the event was in danger of being cancelled.  In fact the powers that be had said they would make a determination on Saturday morning as to whether they would move forward with the event.  So, as the snow gently fell as went to the official website and behold!  because of the snow the event was back on.  Praise the Lord!  Frankly,  we live for this stuff.  We love to tract and witness.  God reminded me of how I always express to the Church that what is most important is what we do out side the four walls of the Church and not inside.  Which is polar opposite of the typical Laodicean Church today.  So with that and the snow now vanquished we Tracted the Toboggan Championships which were only at 25% capacity and we handed out at least a hundred tracts more than last year.  All the Glory to our Saviour and Great God!  The meetings resumed and Bro Earl finished strong with alters well attended, decisions made and Christians changed, leaving different then when they came in.  YEAH!!!