WOW!  What a meeting we just had with Brother Donovan who is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL!  The messages were spot on and the Spirit was present and liberty ruled the day.  Lessons on Biblical Repentance and a great message on where America really is in Bible prophesy and that the true Patriots were the street preachers.  Good stuff!  The specials were great and the congregational singing was never better.  The pews were about filled to capacity,  visitors and old friends both…  Can’t ask for anything more.  Only Glory may reveal the fruit from these meetings.  Now it’s time to turn out attention to the coming fall (best time to be in Maine) which is one of the reasons we live here in Maine.  The changing of the leaves and the leaving of the tourists…  We have Brother Bard coming in October and we are looking forward to our last meetings before AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Winter.  Yes folks, only Mainers start thinking about the snow flying in late August.  Around here, after the Union fair (the unofficial end of Summer) and the Windsor fair (the unofficial beginning of Fall) begins the cold snap in the air.  Oh well, I digress… Street Preaching continues as we seem to be bothering people.  And I say Amen! we should be bothering people.  People who are lost need to be bothered about where they will spend eternity and saved people need to be bothered about their service for the Saviour.  We will be on the lookout for more tracting opportunities as we will tract the Windsor fair this week and cover the Veterans day parade in November.  Stay tuned and check our calendar.