Well,  Summer “officially” hit with the annual Lobster Festival in down town Rockland.  We had a great victory for the Lord on the street as about 17 of us met and distributed thousands of tracts to all the parade goers.  They were well received.  My friend and Brother in Christ wrote the tract then came up from Wisconsin along  with his wife to personally hand them out!  How about that!  The youth group later on that night went down to the festival grounds where they handed out tracts and had some fun.  Amen.  Now, in Maine if the Lobster Festival is the “un official” start to Summer then the Union fair at the end of August is the  “un official”  end to Summer .  Thus the beginning of Fall.  Boy, the seasons sure don’t last long around these parts…  Fortunately for us we still have much to look forward to as we have our first Vacation Bible School or “VBS” coming up and we have a booth at the Union Fair this year where we will be witnessing, and face painting, etc.   And if that is not enough then we have Brother Brian Donovan coming in August 28 thru the 30th!  Brother Donovan is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida.  Stay tuned and please check our calendar.