Another great set of meetings with Evangelist Earl Ankrom.  Folks at the alter, decisions made, and people changed!  Also, we had our very first youth group to camp in upstate New York.  That was a miracle of God in itself that camp wasn’t cancelled because as we were preparing, the news filled the airwaves with those 2 escaped prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y.  The one that was killed was ground zero for where camp was and the other guy was still lose and well you know the way it ended…  I did not say anything to the church as this thing played out and was grateful that non of the  parents connected the dots…  Anyway, they are off and we are excited as obviously the youth are the churches and this worlds only future hope.  God help us.  Earl preached a great send off message to both the youth and their parents which was a bulls eye.   Earl reminded us all that Christianizing camp or a school, or whatever does not insulate the youth from wicked people.  Folks, they are in the church.  Its our biggest enemy that we face outside of the obvious with regards to that “old serpent”.  Over the weekend was the “Blues Festival” in Rockland.  We set up our sound system and aimed it right at a bar and the entrance to the fair grounds.  We spent 2.5 hours out there preaching, tracting, and even some one on one.  After that we did what all good Baptists do.  We went out to eat!  At the restaurant I received a text from someone saying that the bar was all a buzz because “someone brought church into the bar this morning”  this man knew exactly who it was and he contacted me to say most were not pleased and others commented in a positive way.  Praise the Lord!!!  Saturday night was the “pub crawl” where Rockland closes Main St. and a party breaks lose as bands play and people go from bar to bar.  Four of us with sandwich signs and scripture vests and shirts along with signs, etc.  Tracted for an hour and then stood outside the barricades where we preached for a while.  Suffice to say the partiers were not please we invaded their “church services”.  I met inside a Christian who I knew was a Christian and I asked him what he was doing there?  It is shocking (not really)  how many “Christians”  we met throughout the day participating in this satanic event.  So much for “come out from among them and be separate saith the Lord”  I don’t know folks.  When you start losing the Christians over to this stuff its about over isn’t it?.  Anyway,  what a day for our Saviour.  He gets the victory and the glory!