What a great day for the Lord in Bath, Maine as we tracted the “Heritage days” parade.  Thousands were there and about 14 from our church were there to meet them face to faith with a gospel tract.  What a blessing as we gave out more than 1,500 or so.  It was immediately evident that this parade had not been evangelized in many,  many years, if ever.  Many took tracts and it seemed we had few “dings”. (that’s what we call rejections)  It is tragic that no other churches in the area are concerned about souls.  We travelled at least 45 minutes to get to this event and only tracted it because of the large numbers of people that would be there.  We obviously were not hoping to see people come to our church as a result of our efforts.  We are just looking to find the masses of people and reach them.  It would be wrong for us to tract an event for the purpose of growing our church.  Wrong motive.  It’s God’s job anyway to build His house not ours.  What was sad was that there were 2 churches that I saw participate in the parade but neither was interested in souls or the gospel.  Tragic!  One, a Baptist church did not have one scripture verse on their float.  Not even John 3:16!!!  It was and advertisement to come to their church where an offering will be taken.  The other was a Nazarene church and that one if possible was even more embarrassing.  So much for representing Jesus Christ as an ambassador…   Brother Earl is on deck next for us.  Please check our calendar !  We will be tracting the Blues Festival that same weekend.  Then we have Missionary Chris Resmondo in on the 26th.